A fair minimum wage for Manitoba — Voter's Guide

Details - Where the Liberals stand on a Fair Minimum Wage:

Jon Gerrard and the Liberal Party

1. Silent on regular increases to the minimum wage:

  • During the last election campaign leaders’ debate, Leader Jon Gerrard was asked if he would raise the minimum wage. He refused to support raising the minimum wage (CBC Leaders’ Debate, May 17/07)
  • Beyond that, the Manitoba Liberals have largely been silent on increasing the minimum wage.

2. Silent on raising the minimum wage to a living wage:

  • Manitoba Liberals have been silent on raising the minimum wage. When Leader John Gerrard introduced his Social Inclusion and Anti-Poverty Act, he did not mention increasing the minimum wage as a way to reduce poverty (Manitoba Legislature Debates: May 22/08)

3. Silent on a “Two Tier” Minimum Wage that pays different rates to different groups of workers:

  • Manitoba Liberals have been silent on a two tier minimum wage.